COVID-19 test site in Cambridge closed again by mystery issue

The COVID-19 testing centre on Holiday Inn Drive in Cambridge, Ont., closed again Tuesday and will remain closed on Wednesday, Cambridge Memorial Hospital said.

The centre was closed Monday by a suspected gas leak which the hospital said caused some staff to complain of light-headedness and general unease.

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Later Monday, the hospital reported that firefighters along with city and Enbridge employees tested the site for natural gas, sewer gas and other noxious fumes but found none. The issue was possibly attributed to an open window allowing foul odours to enter the building.

The hospital said that staff continued to develop further symptoms on Tuesday which necessitated the closure to continue.

It says that the Ministry of Labour inspected the site on Tuesday but did not find any issues either.

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CMH says a complete inspection of the building and its systems will be conducted.

The hospital says, “patients are being called and are being redirected today to Grand River Hospital’s St. Charles St. W. site for their COVID tests.”

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