Hundreds attended retirement party for Saskatchewan’s animatronic icon

An animatronic icon loved by families across Saskatchewan is officially celebrating its retirement.

Megamunch, a robotic T-Rex that has delighted visitors to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) for decades, began saying its goodbyes on Saturday.

“He’s been here for 37 years,” RSM executive director Brie Hnetka said. “Multiple generations have now experienced him in their youth and then brought back their children and grandchildren to see him, and so there’s just some many memories to share in multiple generations.”

Megamunch is not the only one retiring. Brenda Baker, a children’s performer who wrote the original Megamunch song and has been performing across Canada for 40 years, chose Megamunch’s retirement party for her final show.

“I can’t think of a better way to end a career of 40 years when part of what I’ve been doing has been going around the province singing a song about Megamunch,” Baker said. “So why not end your career kind of where it began.”

Close to 300 people came to his retirement party to get one last picture with him and leave him a goodbye note.

Megamunch’s last official day of work will be on Feb. 25.

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