Will Alberta’s new COVID-19 vaccine QR code scanner be simpler for Lethbridge businesses?

On Tuesday, the government of Alberta launched the AB Covid Records Verifier app, the next step in the restrictions exemption program.

Patrons will show a QR code, either on their cell phones or printed out, and businesses will scan the code to verify COVID-19 vaccination status.

Cyndi Vos, chief executive officer of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, believes the new format will make proof of vaccination much easier for businesses.

“When the program first came into play, we had to fumble with paper copies, we had to see this, we had to see that,” Vos said.

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She says the QR code format makes it much easier.

“You don’t have to zoom it in and zoom it out. It’s just nice and big and present.”

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Tacos Made in Mexico, a local downtown restaurant, has dealt with the ups and downs of implementing the restrictions exemption program over the last few weeks.

“We’ve had people swear at us, make a scene over the phone, make different phone calls and whatnot,” said manager Gerardo Balderas. “So it’s kind of a little bit of an added stress.”

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Balderas said the restaurant is planning on downloading the app in the near future, but feels there will be a learning curve along with it.

“Some of our staff is a little bit older, so it’s also kind of training them to make sure they understand how to use those apps,” he explained.

“But yeah, we’ll definitely try to implement it as best as we can.”

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In the fitness industry, CrossFit Framework also faced some road bumps when it came to asking for proof of vaccination, losing some clients in the process.

“It’s been really good in a lot of aspects because yeah we’re able to still operate, but at the same time we had to say goodbye to 10 to 12 people in here, and that was really difficult,” said owner Russ Stewart.

When it comes to using the new app, Stewart doesn’t think it will make their process any different.

“We know who is coming in and out of our doors,” he explained. “We have our membership base, and we’ve seen the proof of vaccination from all of those people.”

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