Edmonton Catholic School Board votes to not pilot Alberta’s draft curriculum

In a virtual school meeting Monday, the Edmonton Catholic School Board decided unanimously to not pilot the Alberta government’s draft kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum.

Board members said they embrace opportunities to participate in provincial curriculum updates. However, after a comprehensive review of the draft curriculum proposed by the province, won’t be piloting the curriculum in Edmonton Catholic schools next year.

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Chief Supt. Martin Robert said the district completed a universal survey, and created 17 focus groups that examined the draft curriculum by subject and grade.

“At this time… we believe that the conditions have not been met for a quality piloting process,” Robert said.

“Edmonton Catholic Schools will not be piloting the draft curriculum in the 2021-2022 school year.”

He said, instead, the district would be focusing on nurturing positive mental health and the foundations of numeracy and literacy next school year.

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“The pandemic echo will be long and far reaching,” Robert said. “Our students and staff have been deeply impacted by the ongoing disruptions to learning and the mental health impacts.”

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Trustees thanked all the teachers and administrative staff for volunteering for the curriculum review. It included focus groups that looked at inclusive education, equity and diversity, as well as age-group appropriateness.

The review, which ended up being more than 100 pages, includes recommendations to the education ministry for curriculum redesign.

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Trustee Debbie Engel said she wants the public to know: “We have heard you loud and clear… a new curriculum is needed.”

She said teachers and consultants did a “deep dive” before making this decision and it was not a “knee-jerk reaction.”

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The board said it would write a letter to Education Minister Adriana LaGrange with the review feedback and also continue to be part of any future curriculum redesign.

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