Need some motivation? These fitness trackers are on sale

As winter settles in, maintaining fitness motivation can become challenging. But incorporating fitness trackers into your routine can reignite your drive. These devices not only offer accountability, goal tracking, and real-time feedback – oh, and they’re also up to 25% off!


If you’re new to Fitbits, consider starting with this entry-level model. Compatible with iOS and Android, it boasts up to 10 days of battery life. Track your activity throughout the day, receive goal-oriented scores, manage stress, and analyze sleep patterns seamlessly.


For those looking to elevate their fitness tracking, the Fitbit Advanced Health and Fitness Tracker is a solid choice. With built-in GPS, it monitors blood oxygen levels, provides heart rate notifications, and supports on-the-go payments with Google Wallet.


Experience the Fitbit Sense 2 Advanced Health and Fitness Smartwatch, boasting a 6-day battery life with fast charging. Enjoy personalized sleep tracking with smart wake features. Monitor stress levels, heart rate, and skin temperature while staying connected with text, notifications, voice assistant, and ‘find my phone’ functionalities.


For kids aged 6 years and up, consider this water-resistant fitness tracker featuring animated clock options. It encourages healthy habits with all-day activity tracking and rewards kids with virtual badges and on-screen celebrations upon goal completion.

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